Lucy’s Yoga journey began many years ago on a rooftop in India and she has never looked back. After studying traditional Hatha yoga in India, she did her first training with Max Strom in America, whom she now assists on his international teacher training's and workshops.

Since then her passion for yoga has led her across the globe seeking out teachers to nourish her further. With over a thousand hours of training and a zeal for sharing the gems of yoga with her students, Lucy's teaching reflects her diverse in-depth studies, broad influences and passionate heart.

From traditional Hatha yoga she learnt in India, to mindfulness from the Zen Buddhist tradition, to Tantra Vinyasa studied with Sianna Sherman; Lucy's classes inspire, uplift and provoke curiosity.

Lucy teaches mindful, breath and alignment based Vinyasa flow yoga with significant emphasis on the practice as a healing and transformative sanctuary in our lives.

Her multi-level inclusive classes embrace and honour each student's needs. Her holistic, full spectrum classes incorporate poses, breath work and meditation to address mind, body & heart. 

Lucy’s classes are non-dogmatic and non-competitive encouraging an open heart and a quiet mind.

Lucy also teaches restorative, pregnancy and hot yoga classes as well as meditation.

Lucy is deeply grateful to all the teachers and the wisdom of the teachings that have helped her on her path.


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